Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (2023)

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Dead Island 2's Brentwood Sewers is easily the creepiest and most disgusting area you will visit during your Hell-A adventure. Surprisingly though, traveling through this dirty underground passage is safer than anything above ground, or so the survivors of Hell-A are led to believe.

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Brentwood Sewers are first explored during one of the main story missions, Saddle Up For Santa Monica Story Quest, after completing the Justifiable Zombicide quest. Despite being a dangerous area, you'll meet Patton, an ex-military pilot with a major soft spot for Emma Gaunt, which will begin the quest.



Saddle Up For Santa Monica

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (1)

Saddle Up For Santa Monica is the eleventh mission in the main story that drops the comical funny dialogue to highlight the harsh realities of the zombie threat.

Beverly Hills has changed since your last visit. Now under nightfall, you must contend with Slobbers, Crushers, and Screamer Apex Zombies. Like Beverly Hills, Bel-Air won't be as safe as before, as new zombie types will also roam the streets.

You can climb over the Star Haul van blocking the road for a more direct route to Emma Gaunt's Mansion. After the events there, you'll enter the Bel-Air sewers.

Flushed Questline

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (2)

You can find the Bel-Air sewers by walking down Alpine Drive until you meet a road that forks to the left.

This area is always filled with zombies, especially during the story, so buckle up for a fight with a Crusher and Screamer.

Entering the sewer tunnel, you will be attacked by runners who are easily put down with your Sporting Rifle.

Eventually, the tunnel will lead to an opening to continue through the sewers. You'll have to jump to the other side and climb on top of the pallets to jump over.

This area is filled with shamblers and a Shocking Walker that will electrify the water in between the path.

Pressing forward, you'll trigger a cutscene introducing you to your first Burster Apex zombie and Patton, the kooky but friendly helicopter pilot and film buff obsessed with Emma Gaunt.

The game throws many Bursters at you after their introduction in the cutscene. Although weak, Bursters deal a ton of damage when they explode.

Throw your weapon or a Curveball to blow them up before they reach you.

Venice Storm Tank Tunnel

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (3)

Carry on through Brentwood Sewers, and the tunnel will eventually lead to the Venice Storm Tank Tunnel; however, you must solve a pressure puzzle before you can venture forward.

To unlock the room to the pressure puzzle, pick up the Instruction Manual journal in the room's window to the right of the storm tunnel entrance.

Open the opposite room to reach the pressure puzzle.

Solving The Pressure Puzzle

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (4)

To solve the puzzle, you must first navigate the Caustic-X sludge to acquire the wheel for a Water Valve.

Enter the main room with three tanks and break the blue wooden boards blocking the window, allowing you to jump through and grab the wheel and throw it through the window.

Now you can attach the wheel to the Water Valve reading ten.

If you have enough Med Kits, you could run through the Caustic-X slime and pick the wheel up.

You will need to match the pressure with each of the three tanks:

  • Tank One: 10
  • Tank Two: 75
  • Tank Three: 45

To solve Tank Two, you must activate the 45-valve pipe in the main room and the 20-valve pipe in the Caustic-X room. You're on a timer once you activate either valve, so be quick.

Tank three is solved by deactivating valve ten and valve 20 if it has not already been deactivated and activating the 45-valve pipe.

Venice Storm Tank Attack

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (5)

Completing the water pressure puzzle will cause the Venice Storm Tank gate to open, but you still need to get out of the woods. Waves of Bursters and zombies will spawn in the main room outside the Venice Storm Tank, and you'll have to fight them off until the gate opens.

Going one-to-one in melee combat with Bursters is a death sentence. Still, with a small army of zombies to defeat, it's very easy to be overrun as you swap from ranged to melee weapons.

Use the water in the room to your advantage. Most of the area is flooded with sewer water which you can electrify with either an electrocutor modded weapon or an Electric Star.

Check the walkways often, as bursters can sneak up on you unaffected by the electrified water.

The Heart Of Darkness Questline

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (6)

The Heart of Darkness begins when you enter the Venice Storm Tank Tunnel. This short quest reveals what has happened to the Caustic-X zombie sludge pumped into the sewers.

Several Bursters await you in the tunnel ahead; however, they shouldn't pose a threat if you approach slowly.

The tunnel will lead you to a spacious room with two levels containing the Molotov Cocktail Curveball. Below are four Slobber zombies that will fire projectiles at you. You must fight them as you must descend to access the next area.

Utilize the Molotov Cocktail Curveball recently given to you and the numerous fuel jerrycans dotted around the area to kill the Slobbers quickly.

Retrieving The Circuit Breaker

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (7)

Once you've defeated the Slobbers, you'll have to retrieve a Circuit Breaker to power the door to proceed to the next area. To obtain the Circuit Breaker walk down the corridor underneath the catwalk.

Turn off the valve powering the gas to proceed down the corridor blocked with fire. Once you pick up the Circuit Breaker at the end of the corridor, a Crusher will spawn, which is very dangerous in this narrow area. However, running past it and moving on to the next room is more than possible.

The Septic Tank Horror

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (8)

The Main Septic Tank is the second to last area of the Brentwood Sewers, but it is the most difficult to get through. You'll have to press the switch outside the tank entrance to open it and reveal the fleshy horror within.

The septic tank can be confusing to navigate due to all the fleshy walls; however, you won't be able to get lost if you hug the left wall. Several zombies and Bursters will spawn and crawl from the fleshy walls and floor, so stay vigilant.

Once you've reached the middle of the tank, you'll trigger a horde of zombies to spawn, but this isn't a regular zombie horde. Zombies will infinitely spawn, so your only option is to run.

You'll have to climb the staircase and catwalk to escape the tank. Bursters and zombies will spawn in front and can block your escape, so prepare to jump kick through to the exit. The catwalk will lead you above the tank entrance. You'll have to jump to another catwalk.

Be very careful if you mess up the jump; you will land in Caustic-X goo and have to run through the tank again.

The Red Mist Questline

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (9)

The Red Mist Story Quest concludes your time in Brentwood Sewers and introduces Venice Beach. However, before you can feel the Californian rays again, you'll have to traverse through the sewers in one final stretch and obtain the Fury ability.

As the Brentwood Sewers area comes to a close, the path will lead you over the top of the Venice Storm Tank, triggering a cutscene that eventually unlocks Fury Mode.

To exit the tank, you must kill all zombies in your way before pulling the lever on the other side of the tank. This will lead to the remainder of the sewers. You'll eventually hit daylight, but you're not out of the woods yet, as a Screamer will block your way.

Once you've dealt with the Screamer, you'll be led to the entrance to Venice Beach; however, before you proceed, enter the small room at the end of the drain to pick up supplies and repair your weapons on the workbench.

Venice Beach

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (10)

Don't get lost in the rays of sunshine, as although you're free of the dark and grim Brentwood Sewers, you've got more zombies to slay. Making your way down the street, survivors will shout for your help from the Blue Crab roof. They will ask you to kill the zombies in the parking lot and fix the gate.

Fixing the Blue Crab Gate

Dead Island 2: Brentwood Sewers Walkthrough (11)

You must fight two Crushers in the Blue Crab parking lot. Once they are dealt with, you must find a new circuit breaker to fix the gate. You'll find a spare circuit breaker across the street on the wall of Burger 66.

More zombies will have spawned, along with a new Spiky variant immune to weapons modded with the puncturator mod. So run as fast as you can back to the Blue Crab. Before you meet survivors, fight off the remaining zombies trying to enter the car park.

With the Blue Crab now secure, this concludes The Red Mist Story Quest.

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